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Value for Job Seekers

MeCareer is not just a mere jobs website, wherein you register, upload your profile, search for jobs and apply them, and wait endlessly for eternity. We are here to hold your hand and guide you every step towards providing you a cutting edge job that is synchronized with your academic qualifications, your core expertise, your skills and ‘course with what you are passionate about doing. Yes! The right fit job you would love devoting time, effort, energy and excel in your career.

For us you come FIRST, meaning MeCareer revolves around you. We go beyond listing a few jobs on the website. By registering on MeCareer we ensure you don’t just get a job but plan your career by:

  • Understanding your core area of expertise
  • Clarifying your career goals
  • Identify your job target
  • Plan and organize your job search
  • Determine what you can offer employers
  • Customize your resume and cover letters to specific jobs
  • Provide counseling and orientation for expatriates seeking job abroad
  • Offer you the perfect platform that matches your skills, company and work environment
  • Stay continuously in touch with you reviewing your progress, aspirations and future goals
  • We reiterate, MeCareer is not just about jobs. It’s all about career, future prospects, career goals, and your ambitions and aspirations.

    So what are you waiting for, Register Now make a career for yourself and realize your dreams.


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